The Next Summer School

will be from

Sunday to Friday

16th-21st July 2017

The Daniel Corkery Summer School is an annual Inchigeelagh village event of music, workshops and lectures, to celebrate the life of Daniel Corkery, 1868-1964, who lived in and loved the village.

Daniel Corkery, a native son of Cork, was a poet, playwright, novelist, critic and nationalist, perhaps best known for his book 'The Hidden Ireland' (1924), his classic study of literature in the Irish language. He was also a talented water-colourist, propagandist of the Republican cause and in all things he was a teacher.  As a U.C.C. lecturer, his students included Frank O'Connor  and Seán O'Fiolain. 

In 2017 we will stage our 23nd annual Daniel Corkery Summer School in Inchigeelagh, County Cork on July 16th-21nd.

This year the keynote is: ‘John Tyndall 1820-1893’.   John Tyndall FRS was a prominent  Irish born, physicist. His initial scientific fame arose in the 1850s from his study of diamagnetism. Later he made discoveries in the realms of infrared radiation and the physical properties of air. 

Besides being a scientist, John Tyndall was a science teacher and evangelist for the cause of science. He spent a significant amount of his time disseminating science to the general public. 

He gave hundreds of public lectures to non-specialist audiences at the Royal Institution in London. When he went on a public lecture tour in the USA in 1872, large crowds of non-scientists paid fees to hear him lecture about the nature of light.  

A typical statement of Tyndall's reputation at the time is this from a London publication in 1878: "Following the precedent set by Faraday, Professor Tyndall has succeeded not only in original investigation and in teaching science soundly and accurately, but in making it attractive.... When he lectures at the Royal Institution the theatre is crowded."  Tyndall said of the occupation of teacher "I do not know a higher, nobler, and more blessed calling."  

His greatest audience was gained ultimately through his books, most of which were not written for experts or specialists. He published more than a dozen science books.  From the mid-1860s on, he was one of the world's most famous living physicists, due firstly to his skill and industry as a teacher. Most of his books were translated into German and French with his main tutorials staying in print in those languages for decades.  

The Tyndall National Institute, named in honour of multi-math Tyndall was established in 2004, under a formal agreement between the Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Innovation and UCC.  Its mission is to support industry and academia in driving research to market, Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe’s leading research centres in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research and development and the largest facility of its type in Ireland.  The Institute employs over 460 researchers, engineers and support staff, with a full-time graduate cohort of 135 students generating over 200 peer-reviewed publications each year.

Also, this year, we feature two evening performances of film, both featuring our natural environment; first a performance of 'Singing Glaciers' a silent film about the astonishing glaciers of Greenland, accompanied by a live performance of music and poetry by collaborators William Carslake and Helen Mort. Don't miss this performance of a work which can hardly fail to win awards.

Later in the week we have a showing of River Runner, a film of vital importance to us locally and already an award winner concerning the preservation of a unique local habitat.

The Daniel Corkery Summer School is a friendly event where most activities are free  of charge and open to all. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, the days often ending with a sing-song/ceili in Creedons Hotel, home to the School. 

The Summer School is run entirely upon donations and some small grants. Events are free to attend, except for the coach trip and main concert, where a small charge is made to defray expenses. So please give what you can, if you can. Thank you!


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 MortThe Summer School would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous financial help and encouragement.


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