The Next Summer School

will be from

Sunday to Friday

16th-21st July 2017

Douglas Gill, Joe Creedon, Katherine Hartnett, Ursula Williams


This year the keynote is: ‘John Tyndall 1820-1893’.  
John Tyndall FRS was a prominent  Irish born, physicist. His initial scientific fame arose in the 1850s from his study of diamagnetism. Later he made discoveries in the realms of infrared radiation and the physical properties of air.  Besides being a scientist, John Tyndall was a science teacher and evangelist for the

Prof. Cian O’Mathúna

Head of Strategic Programs, Tyndall Microsystems, University College Cork. Prof O Mathuna has more than 30 years’ experience in applied research, and technology transfer to Irish and international industry. His research and publications have focused on the convergence of microelectronics and microsystems whereby CMOS provides an intelligent platform for the miniaturisation and functional integration of non-standard functions such as sensors, actuators, power and cooling. As Head of Strategic Programmes at Tyndall, Cian is focused on developing a fundamental understanding of how to interface microelectronics with:

the built and the natural environment to improve the sustainability of our natural resources and the quality of our environment through monitoring and control

and the human body to enhance our health and well-being through diagnostics and therapeutics.

Dr.Paul Galvin
Dr Paul Galvin is Head of the ICT for Health Programmes and Head of the Life Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute. He has a track record of multidisciplinary research, leveraging nano, photonic and ICT enabled platforms to provide novel solutions for healthcare applications.

Prof. John Oxford
Professor John Sydney Oxford (born 6 March 1942) is an English virologist, Professor of Queen Mary, University of London. He is a leading expert on influenza, including bird flu and the 1918 Spanish Influenza, and HIV/AIDS. Prof. Oxford is noted for his work with Retroscreen Virology, the leading virology research company of Europe which he established in 1989 with EU funding.

'The Singing Glacier’
A performance piece and an education project about glacial warming in Greenland. Launching at festivals, schools and conferences in 2017. Baroque orchestra LBC have commissioned composer-traveller William Carslake, poet Helen Mort and film director Richard Jones to create a piece for orchestra, silent film and spoken poetry, inspired by their fieldwork in Greenland. Performances will be preceded by a short talk and audio film. LBC have also delivered an education programme in schools local to each performance.

'River Runner'

RIVER RUNNER, a film by Declan O’Mahony, documents for the first time ever, a series of catastrophic events, that have been shrouded in secrecy since the mid 1950’s. This is the true story of the plight of the wild Atlantic salmon on the River Lee in southern Ireland. 

This dilemma is lucidly and animatedly explained by a world class salmon angling expert, Alan Nolan, who is at home on the lower reaches of the river Lee. Further another secret cloaked for a half a century is explained by environmental & ecology activist Kevin Corcoran; The Gearagh is an inland river forest delta one of only four on Earth. Several hundred acres of this ancient forest of age-old oaks and yew trees were clear felled. Two dams built in the 1950's killed the salmon run. 39 Irish speaking families were issued compulsory purchase orders and their homesteads were blasted out of existence. The lands were flooded and a whole community wiped out of existence for the sake of 'progress'. This is the untold story.


The Summer School would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous financial help and encouragement.


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