The Next Summer School

will be from

Sunday to Friday

15th-20th July 2018


  The Daniel Corkery Concert 2018

 Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 8:00pm
Inchigeelagh Church, County Cork

Including an unknown version of John Dowland's famous "Flow my tears", works by Lawes, famous Irish tunes by O'Carolan and some rarely performed treasures

At the dawn of the 17th century, Dowland returned to the Court of Christian IV of Denmark, bringing with him an Irish harpist and a dancing master. World renowned for it‘s musical accomplishments, Copenhagen was a Iodestone for composers and virtuosi across Europe. Outward looking composers such as Hans Brachrogge and Melchior Borchgrevink both imported and incorporated exotic mediterranean styles while famous names such as Johan Shop, Scheidt and Praetorius were part of a stream of glamorous visitors.

The programme introduces the music of this grand court encountered through the British and Irish musicians and rather than simply focusing on the regal displays of music, the programme also explores the more private experience of being a travelling musician; ways of maintaining one‘s religious and secular traditions and the longing for the sounds of home. 

Lux Musicae London musically explores the transition from the renaissance to the early baroque, connecting the visual arts, poetry and philosophy with the music of the turbulent sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The group‘s diverse instrumentation, (harp, lute, recorders, voices and viol) enables them to deploy a huge range of period instrumental colours and practices through a strongly expressive and rhetorically led vocal approach to the texts and melodies of the era.

In 2016 Lux Musicae London were selected as finalists in the Concours internationale de Journées de Musiques Anciennes in Paris and participated in the BREMF Live! Scheme 2016/17. Since performing in the Brighton Early Music Festival they have been in increasing demand, performing in various festivals around Europe, including the Fringe of the MA Festival Brugge, the Fabulous Fringe of Utrecht‘s Oude Musiek Festival and the International Young Artists Presentation in AMUZ: Laus Polyphoniae Festival in Antwerp. 2018 sees Lux Musicae London performing in Germany, Ireland and the around the UK.

The Summer School would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous financial help and encouragement.

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